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Friday 19 January 2018
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Investing in Forex is in Your Best Interest

As I explained earlier, forex trading involves the exchange of foreign currencies across many markets and that foreign currencies have a free exchange rate, that is, their exchange value fluctuates from market to market. Here, I would like to emphasize the fact that investing in forex is a very doable and profitable endeavor and something you will probably want to undertake.

Is the currency market large?

Indeed, Forex trading is the largest market in the world. In fact, there are over 1.9 trillion dollars in US currency traded on a daily basis. This number is difficult to fathom. Do you have any idea how much money that is? Whatever you invested would not even make an impression even at the rate of millions of dollars

There are different types of currencies traded in the market daily. Some currencies are considered major ones like the US $ (making up 85% of the market) and others as minor ones (15%).

To put it simply, there is a simple way to learn how forex trading works. All the currencies circle around a major one, that being the US dollar. Thus, all transactions are made with the US currency at its center. So, if the US dollar goes down, another currency is going up; in parallel, if the US dollar goes up, another currency goes down, so your dollars will buy more of the other currency in this case. And this is how things work.


If you were a stamp collector, for example, you decide to trade some of your stamps for others that you may feel are more valuable than the ones you are trading. In fact, currencies are traded in the same fashion. When you buy a currency, you trade it against another currency, such as the US dollar against the Euro or the Japanese Yen. You should do beforehand a thorough investigation so that you are able to foresee that what you are doing is going to be profitable in the long run.

Keep on reading these articles because you will discover the possibilities waiting for you to determine whether purchasing one currency against another will or will not be a wise move. The key of this business is to understand how things are done and once you know what you are doing, you will discover why trading with forex is a wiser move than investing into any other tradings.

My name is Yip Bop and I write blogs about our World with stories and insights that may not be written in your daily newspaper.